Roots & Wings: The Best Of Both

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The Vital Role of Social and Emotional Learning in Education

“There are two lasting legacies that we can hope to give our children – deep roots and wide open wings.”

In the world of education, something groundbreaking is happening, especially when it comes to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). It’s all about giving our children the best of both worlds – solid roots and the freedom to spread their wings. At LINC Foundation, we’re completely on board with this idea. We understand the amazing importance of our children having a strong sense of who they are while also being able to explore and grow in a rapidly changing world.

Our Step Ahead programme, which kicked off in 2019 and is currently helping out 1033 awesome learners, is at the heart of our SEL mission. Step Ahead is like a toolkit for life, focusing on key skills like knowing yourself, handling your emotions, understanding others, building relationships, and making smart choices. We’re all about empowering our students to not only tackle school ambitions but also how to handle their feelings, connect with others, and be inspirational members of their communities.

Studies from industry leaders in the SEL space, such as CASEL and Sixty Seconds have shown just how much of a game-changer SEL can be. It’s not just about getting good grades; it’s about being ready to take on whatever life throws your way and positively impacting the world around you.

We’re expanding our programme to include educators in 2024! Because let’s face it, SEL isn’t just for students. We want our schools to be places where everyone – teachers, students, staff – feels supported and valued. By giving educators the tools and know-how to bring SEL into their classrooms and interactions, we’re creating environments where everyone can thrive.

Our goal is to make learning feel like a natural part of life, where everyone feels safe, seen and encouraged to be their best selves. Through our work with educators, we aim to help them connect with students in meaningful ways, inspiring them to reach for the stars.

LINC Foundation is super proud to be leading the charge in this exciting education revolution, shaping tomorrow’s leaders with the wisdom of today. So, join us on this awesome journey of nurturing roots and wings. Together, let’s build a future where kindness, resilience, and understanding are not just words but a way of life.