Empathy Empowerment Community

We empower & equip people to be an agent of change in their communities. 


The Linc Foundation is a faith based NGO situated in the iLembe district of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


Behind every great team is a brilliant leader. The heart, hands and driving force behind our foundation is Cath Slevin. She’s a mom, a wife, a campus pastor and a full-time CEO of the foundation team.

Cath has an incredible heart for our beautiful South Africa, Her people and Her future generations to come.


We exist to mobilise Active Citizens ~ These are young people who are positive contributors to their schools, families and society. We are committed to being a part of change for good in South Africa.


Our goal is to equip under-resourced youth with the skills to
become literate, competent individuals who are emotionally
healthy, and socially invested in their communities.

Why is this important to us? 


Children need to be able to read and communicate in English in order to further their academics and engage competently in the future workplace.

Social emotional learning

South Africa needs young people who can manage their emotional health, make responsible decisions, build healthy relationships and care for the well being of others.

Employability/ job readiness

Youth unemployment is one of the greatest socio- economic challenges we face in South Africa. A large proportion of young people seeking work are not well educated and lack the skills and work experience required by employers. This makes it difficult for them to find employment.

“I believe God has enabled each of us to be a part of the solution for our country”.