Empathy Empowerment Community: We empower & equip people to be an agent of change in their communities. 

Who We are

Believers & Activators

We are Believers and Activators – driven to build a society that benefits all South Africans.  


Our goal is not to make people “like us”.  Rather we seek to create environments and impart skills that empower individuals to uncover and develop their own inherent abilities and become a positive contributor to the lives of those around them.  

Active Citizens

These are Active Citizens – people who care enough about their community to change it and enable our nation to thrive. 

What We Do

One of our key values is to uncover the true needs in communities and not make assumptions. We don’t have the answers or resource to address all of them, so solving challenges collectively with other credible organisations is how we work. Many of our programs are run with other NGO’s who have a similar passion to see people equipped to pursue a better future for themselves. 

Why is this important to us? 

Because we are about People and not product, in every endeavour we embark on, we aim to facilitate the Social and Emotional growth of the individual. Because someone who:

  • Knows their strengths (and limitations)
  • Can manage their emotions in a healthy way
  • Can make responsible informed decisions
  • Can relate to other people in a respectful, honouring way 
  • Who is aware of the impact of their decision making on society

Will be a positive influence in the home, school, and the workplace. The ripple effect is powerful. 

“I believe God has enabled each of us to be a part of the solution for our country”.