Education Channel

From 4 to 18 Years of Age

Mobile School Support Team

A school has the potential to be the epicentre of a community.  Many thousands of children spend years under the influence of the Principal and teachers. Sadly a vast majority of government schools are under resourced and ill equipped to deal with the multiple challenges that come with educating children from a fractured society. 


Through the dynamic leadership program Partners for Possibility, we partner with Principals of outlying schools on the North Coast, KZN, working together to uplift and improve the lives of the children who come through them. 

The programs we run in schools focus on:

  • Developing a learner’s ability to read in English with comprehension.  Reading is a skill that opens up a world of possibility and mentorship from authors who share their knowledge and life experience through writing.
  • Growing their creative thinking ability- the future holds a bigger space for those who can think out the box and see opportunity.
  • Developing their Social and Emotional intelligence – society needs people who can manage their own emotional health and engage with others in a positive way.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. In many of our programs we use tried and tested courses that change lives.