Employment Channel

From 18 Years of Age

What We Do

Our focus is not on creating jobs but rather assisting someone to become more EMPLOYABLE and equipped for the work place OR to start their own businesses in the communities in which they live. 

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. In many of our programs we use tried and tested courses that change lives. 

Work 4 A Living

A job readiness program started in 2007 and there are many Centres throughout the country where unemployed youth are taught how to:

  • Work with excellence
  • Start a business
  • Help themselves career wise 

Students pay R100 for a two week course. This is not for financial gain for the organisation but rather to encourage individuals to place value on their self development.

There are additional courses offered which provide more specific skills for entry level jobs such as merchandising, coffee baristas, waitressing and cashiering.

Our facilitators have high standards and ensure that those who receive a certificate have met the expectation of excellence, ethics and proficiency in English.