From 18 Years of Age

Job Readiness Programme

Our focus is not on creating jobs but rather assisting someone to become more EMPLOYABLE and equipped for the workplace OR to start their own businesses in the communities in which they live. 

About Work Smart Job Readiness Programme

Over 50% of youth are unemployed in South Africa.

A large portion of these young people have not achieved an adequate qualification at school and have little or no tertiary education or skills. Our Work Smart job readiness programme equips these students with entry level job skills and a mindset that an attitude of excellence and a desire to serve others will be noticed and move them ahead in the workplace.

Cultivate in students:

  • A mindset of excellence and professional conduct in the workplace
  • An understanding of the employer’s needs and perspectives
  • Effective/ honouring communication with employers and work colleagues.
  • Financial literacy for personal and employment purposes.

Overall objectives:

  • Prepare under resourced young people for entry level jobs in local towns and communities.
  • Build skills that employers seek and that entrepreneurs need.
  • Develop relationship and opportunities with local employers.

Employment offers a brighter future