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Transforming Education Through Literacy:

Meet Gloria. A seasoned Grade 1 educator at Mshwati Primary School in Ndwedwe who recently had the privilege of speaking at the Neema Foundation’s funder’s breakfast on the 19th of April 2024. Drawing from her 26 years of teaching experience, Gloria shared a captivating story about her transformative journey with LINC Foundation’s Read to Me programme, a literacy initiative offered in collaboration with Neema Foundation’s Gateway to Reading programme.

At the beginning of her speech, Gloria candidly expressed how her two years of involvement with Read to Me had transformed her approach to teaching phonetics to Grade 1 learners. She touched upon the challenges of helping students differentiate between IsiZulu and English phonetics while fostering a love for learning languages. Gloria highlighted the tangible impact of the programme, noting significant improvements in student confidence and pronunciation skills.

With a touch of humour, Gloria remarked that her only regret was not encountering the programme sooner. As she nears retirement, she playfully expressed a desire for an additional five years of teaching to fully leverage the invaluable lessons from Gateway to Reading and Read to Me. The Read to Me programme, in partnership with the Neema Foundation, addresses the transition hurdles often faced by learners shifting from their mother tongue to English-based learning. This transition, when inadequately supported, can lead to comprehension gaps and language articulation challenges.

The LINC Foundation’s collaboration with the Neema Foundation provides essential tools and support to enhance language learning in the foundational phase. Additionally, it prioritises professional development opportunities for educators specialising in foundational phase language instruction.

Through Gloria’s story, we glimpse the profound impact of innovative literacy programmes and the critical role they play in empowering educators and students alike. Her story underscores the importance of ongoing support and investment in initiatives that bridge language learning gaps and promote holistic educational development.

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