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Literacy Program

Equipping a child with the ability to read with comprehension in English is something we are passionate about.  Not because English is a superior language but because it is global and enables a child to access many opportunities in the future. This year we have been able to sponsor literacy programs in 3 schools on the North Coast which have impacted over 400 children so far.   

Agent Of Change

As a part of the Agent of Change program – the Grade 7’s at Amabutho Primary have been looking at solutions they can develop to overcome challenges they are experiencing at school and in their community.  One of the roles they are tasked with at school is to keep the classrooms and school clean but they don’t have dustpans and brooms to do this.  The children took it upon themselves to make their own and to educate the younger learners on the value of keeping their learning environment a pleasant place to be.  

Bicycles for behaviour

Collaboration with like minded organisations is something we value.  We recently teamed up with Salt 40 a local NGO who distribute bicycles to schools in under resourced communities as part of their “Bicycles for behaviour” initiative.  Children who participated in our Breakthrough program were rewarded with the opportunity to learn to ride bikes at school and they LOVED every minute! 

A local volunteer is trained to run the program and the initiative is used to reinforce specific values and behavior that the children have chosen to uphold in their place of learning.  One of the rules we insist on is wearing helmets which were kindly donated by the Noland’s Foundation, however there are many more schools and children to reach.  If you would like to donate a new or gently used cycling helmet please email