Fundraising Campaign 2020: Shucks Only 50 Bucks

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It’s a Great Time to be alive in South Africa! Never before has there been more opportunities for the average citizen to get involved in shaping the country we want to live in!  You do not need to be a millionaire or a government minister to make a difference – you just need a passion for this place, her people and to take one step towards, being the change you want to see.  

This year we are launching our “Shucks Only Fifty Bucks” fundraising campaign. “What is that” you might be asking. Well, we believe that our “small” added together can make a Big Difference out there!

Did you know that your 50 bucks:

  1. Can Supply a child with all they need to learn to read in English for a term?
  2. If we gather another 10 friends and put our 50 bucks together, this can help sustain an engaging environment for the unemployed to be given hope and the skills to find themselves a job and change the future of their families.
  3. If we had to rally another 100 friends, family members or work colleagues, we can employ a dynamic youth coach who supplies over a thousand youth in outlying schools with valuable “tricks and tactics” to change their future stories.

Can you imagine what a thousand of us can achieve on a monthly basis?! Still not convinced; then I would challenge you to remind yourself of a single mosquito in a dark room: Small can be the New Big!