Coronavirus Community Packs

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We have a follow up to this article:

As the world and our country face uncertain times, we are choosing as a Foundation to look for opportunities to help those who stand to suffer the most as a result of the Corona Virus, not only in terms of health but also an economic impact.  

We would love for you to partner with us on an initiative to educate and assist the most vulnerable groups in outlying communities with our Community Packs.  Our goal is to distribute hand soap, household disinfectant and meal packs to as many underprivileged households as possible.

There are many ways to contribute:

  1. Financially – our banking details are on the website or you can donate via zapper.  We are a Section 18A NPO and can offer a tax certificate for money contributed.
  2. You can drop off items such as:
  • Staple foods eg: mealie meal, rice, oil, tinned fish/ meat, and sugar
  • Hand soap or bottles of Dettol
  • Household disinfectants eg: Jik, Domestos etc 
  • clean recycled 300ml or 500ml water bottles/ containers which we will fill with disinfectant.

All of these can be dropped at Linc Church Campus, 1 Ezulwini Drive, Foxhill, Salt Rock.  We live in an incredible country and are a people known for their ability to overcome tough times.  We may have to keep physical distance between us but let’s take this opportunity to move closer together through simple acts of kindness.

If you would like to contribute financially to this cause please make a donation on the donation page, accessed by clicking the link below.