add value to local communities 


Social Upliftment

The LINC Foundation serves as the social upliftment arm of Linc Church and seeks to add value to local communities and our nation at large.


— Our Objective

• To invest in individuals who will, in turn invest in others
• To shift mindsets and restore hope
• To enable others to be a part of positive change in our country


— Education Based Objectives:

• To improve literacy levels among school children
• To equip youth with the social-emotional skills they need to become the next generation of leaders
• To facilitate psychological healing in youth who have experienced trauma


— Employment Based Objectives

• To better prepare the younger generation for the world of work
• To train individuals to fill specific in-demand entry-level jobs


Fostering healing through trauma counselling and play therapy.

As part of this project, we employ an experienced Zulu-speaking lay counsellor, who provides free play therapy and trauma counselling services to children in disadvantaged areas, giving those who’ve experienced everything from rape to bullying a safe space to share their stories and be heard, often for the first time.


Improving lives by improving children’s literacy.

Read to Me, sees LINC Foundation volunteers work side by side with educators in government schools, teaching children to read in English with confidence so they can better engage with learning materials and the content of books.


Promoting social-emotional health among youth and our next generation leaders.

The LINC Foundation StepAhead programme is geared at helping young individuals who don’t necessarily have strong role models at home to learn critical skills such as: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, drive and the ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships while working towards personal goals. Our partnership with both the ‘One Million Strong’ (OMS) and ‘Cool To Be Me’ initiatives selects individuals from local communities and trains them up as peer facilitators, or “youth coaches”, to work closely with learners and educators in schools over a set period to promote social-emotional health 


Empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty for themselves.

Unemployment doesn’t just negatively impact a country’s economy; it’s a threat to an individual’s sense of dignity and direction in life. Through our association with job skills initiative Work 4 A Living, we help to give people hope by equipping them with the tools they need to get (and keep) a job or to start their own business. 

The programme, which has been running successfully since 2007, comprises a two-week workshop that offers guidance on everything from budgeting and interviewing tactics to exemplary workplace behaviour, while also working to challenge unhelpful perceptions and attitudes. Beyond this, there are also a range of Phase 2 courses geared at preparing learners for specific entry-level jobs. 
Find out more about Work 4 A Living


Blessing those less fortunate than us with simple acts of kindness.

This multi-faceted LINC Foundation initiative takes place annually during the week of Mandela Day with the aim to add value to a community, while getting them involved in a variety of simple acts that bring light and hope (and practical assistance) to others in need. 

Each day of the week we engage in different activities that #Blessthecity in one way or another. In the past, these have included:

Assembling matric exam stationery packs to be distributed to matriculants in outlying schools | Chopping vegetables for a local soup kitchen | Packaging newborn baby care packs for young mothers from poorer communities | Distributing cups of soup and jerseys to individuals at a local government clinic | Organising the extensive clean-up of a local beach | Collecting non-perishable food items for donation to communities in need

Find out how you can get involved in Love week here 


Volunteer your time or partner with us financially.